Rental Program

For communities interested in investigating or adopting a rental inspection program, NIC has developed strategic and tactical checklists. Our research shows that half the communities that "look at" rental programs decide against adopting a program. One quarter initiate or adopt legislation and then abandon any further activity. The remaining quarter operate programs with varying degrees of success depending on how well the Ordinance(s) was crafted and the extent of the community's political and resource commitment.

STRATEGIC issues that must be addressed in pursuing a rental program include:

    •Political will
    •Marketing / Education
    •Perception of fairness, etc.

Typically, there are several reasonably well funded organizations that will mount an "anti" campaign. Early education and inclusion of these organizations in program development usually leads to success.

TACTICAL issues specific to a community evolve from the political and strategic choices made. There are, however, many items that apply to all programs, e.g.

    •Definition of property standards? (new or existing code)
    •Frequency of inspections?
    •Consequences of a failed inspection?
    •Triggers for non routine inspections?
    •Start up priorities?
    •Any properties/occupants excluded?
    •Any forgiveness on initial inspection?
    •Absentee landlord considerations? Etc,

NIC's breadth of experience specific to rental programs makes us an invaluable partner for any community wishing to investigate, start or sustain an inspection program. For information on our proprietary check lists or any other questions contact us.