NIC Building Regulation Services

NIC performs all the functions necessary for an efficient, service-oriented Building Department. We have widely recognized expertise on codes based on the International Code Council (ICC) model codes. Our team has a depth of experience in routine construction and various projects not frequently encountered in one community, e.g. regional malls, hospitals, educational complexes, vehicle assembly plants, prisons, national distribution centers, etc.

The main functions handled by NIC are...

    •Pre-Development Meetings
    •Application Processing
    •Plan Review / Correction Letters
    •Permit Issuance
    •On-Site Inspections
    •Certificates of Occupancy

Our processes are customer friendly and time sensitive while ensuring new construction and remodeling is completed in a code-compliant manner. For a detailed description of a City Building Department run by NIC click here.

Services are available for temporary "backup" to long-term full service.