National Inspection Corporation - The Company

NIC is a corporation based in Dayton, Ohio that was founded in 1995. It provides an "out-sourced" alternative for any and all code enforcement functions in local government. The creation of NIC was encouraged by City Managers, Economic Development Directors and Developers who were frustrated by problems such as:

  • Lengthy waits for plan reviews and inspections causing citizen complaints and delays in revenue-producing projects.
  • Inconsistent enforcement of codes causing citizen complaints and delays, disputes and increasing costs.
  • Diversion of senior management's time and attention in dispute resolution.
  • Unequal enforcement hurting development efforts.
  • Costs of legally required personnel that cannot be recovered by user fees.
  • Desire for local control and service rather than County or State.

NIC's solution is based on an organizational structure and processes that utilize the "best practices" from commercial customer service industries. This provides prompt, reliable, competent service that is second to none. Also, because of economies of scale and flexible employment practices that are not available to individual local governments, NIC can provide FIRST-CLASS SERVICE at LOWER COST than most traditional "in-house" departments.