What people say about NIC...


"City saves by outsourcing all building & inspections." Dayton Daily News

"beside himself with praise for the way the City worked towards helping them establish themselves in their new facility."                                    M.C., President, Industrial Company

"I guess since I haven't received a single complaint all year long, you guys must be doing a good job." J.W., City Manager

"Please thank your staff for the professionalism exhibited" A.H., National Distribution Center

"Thank your team for helping us achieve a successful opening. The entire team of inspectors as well as office staff went above & beyond." C.Q., Mall Developer

"Thank you for arranging to meet with us for a pre-development meeting. It is very rare that we can get all our questions answered on such a complex project before we apply for a permit." Architects

"I suspected that our in-house staff could absorb additional work but had no way of quantifying and proving it until after our meetings with you." G.H., City Manager

"I gave the Appeals Board the stuff you told me to and 5 minutes later I was on my way out the door with my appeal granted." J.C., Developer

"Since NIC took over the whole Building Dept., we've saved $60,000 per year and got people that really know what they're doing." M.R., City Finance Director

"(NIC) provided us with clear instruction and focus on what was expected to facilitate the immediate re-opening of the non-fire-damaged portion of the Market." G.D., President, Market Owner