NIC Process Audit / Evaluation Services

This service provides communities with an independent, external view of the extent to which desired service levels and productivity goals are being met. We follow a 3-step process:

    •Identify and Define Metrics for Desired Objective
    •Evaluate Performance versus Objective
    •Identify Process Improvement

      Typically, the evaluation will provide answers to questions such as:
      - How do we get faster turn-around on permits?
      - Are we missing any life-safety issues?
      - How competent is our staff?
      - Is our level of complaints received reasonable?
      - How can we evaluate the quality of field work?
      - Can we eliminate any expenses?
      - Is there any unequal enforcement of codes?
      - Are there any abuses of process?
      - Are our processes technically compliant?
      - Do we have more re-inspects than other communities?
      - How do we get better zoning compliance?
      - How do we get property maintenance issues abated more quickly?