Property Maintenance Code Enforcement

In communities where NIC provides Property Maintenance inspection and enforcement services, the City Property Maintenance phone number (and email) is answered directly by NIC staff. An on-site inspection occurs within 24 hours and this initiates a "case" file or an explanation to the complainant that there is no violation. We pursue resolution of the case using an escalation process that reflects the community's culture. The specific services include:

  • Understand the local codes to be a community knowledge resource.
  • Manage and prioritize the program to reflect community standards and expectations.
  • Inspect properties and compare same to relevant ordinances.
  • Proactively conduct systematic and random inspections.
  •      • All properties a defined number of times per year.
         • Main traffic routes on a defined frequency.
         • Problem areas as required.
  • Respond to written and verbal citizen complaints.
  • Answer citizen queries on Property Maintenance.
  • Meet/phone citizens to seek problem resolution.
  • Meet with staff and elected officials when appropriate.
  • Provide educational materials tailored to community needs.
  • Present City's plans/strategies to neighborhood and civic groups.
  • Provide recommendations for code and/or process improvement.
  • Provide full time inspectors and administrative support.
  • Provide monthly or real-time reports of activities. live sample report
  • Issue and track warning letters, notices and citations through resolution.
  • Maintain accurate case files.
  • Appear in Court in support of citations, as and when required.

Our main focus is to achieve compliance through cooperation rather than litigation. Historically less than 1% of all complaints end up in court.